Wright Cell Imaging Facility



The Bob and Joan Wright Cell Imaging Facility, formally opened in December 2000, is the product of a generous gift from the Wright Family.

It offers key resources in light microscopy, ranging from experimental design to data presentation and publication. The facility’s Equipment includes confocal, widefield-deconvolution, time-lapse and laser capture systems and is available for use by internal, external, and external-academic researchers.


New digital flat panel monitors improve efficiency at the Post-acquisition Offline and Leica DMRB with Stereology  and Neuron Tracing workstations.

Livecell 3 CO2/37°C/RH incubator arrives for inverted microscopes. See "Axiovert for live cell work" in Equipment section for details.

Lambda 10-3 filter wheel has arrived. This will allow ratio imaging on the inverted, widefield microscope. See "Axiovert for live cell work" in Equipment section for details.

Motorised XY-stage has arrived. This will allow multiple fields of view to be acquired during long term time-lapse experiments. See "Axiovert for live cell work" in Equipment section for details.


Deconvolved confocal z-series showing the ensheathment of demyelinated injured axons of the spinal cord (Neurofilament 200, blue) by an YFP-neural precursor cell derived oligodendrocyte (green).  The image shows the oligodendrocyte morphology of one grafted-NPC that extends its processes and form myelin basic protein (red) around injured axons. (For detail see the article by Karimi-Abdolrezaee et al.  J. Neuroscience 26: 3377 (2006).

Calcium channels at the chick ciliary ganglion presynaptic terminal (CaV2.2, gold; Syntaxin, purple).  The image was taken by Lin Guo and appears in Khanna et al.  "Long Splice variant N type calcium channels are clustered at presynaptic transmitter release sites without modular adaptor proteins"  Neuroscience 138: 1115 (2006).  See Gallery.


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Elise Stanley, Ph.D. (Supervisor)  

We would like to acknowledge generous support from CIHR and the AARC Foundation