Wright Cell Imaging Facility








The ImageJ installations below correspond to the WCIF ImageJ manual. The manual is written for this particular installation of ImageJ.

This ImageJ installation has, among other plugins, one that links to an online version of the manual. The online manual is more up-to-date than the PDF version.

Windows users

Download WCIF ImageJ bundle (~23Mb)
v1.34i, 3rd  March 2005 with J2SE 5.0 (formerly J2SE 1.5).

For Windows: download and run program.

Mac and Linux users

Download your OS specific version of ImageJ from the ImageJ website then extract the following file to the plugins folder.

Download WCIF ImageJ bundle plugins only (~2Mb)

This contains only the plugins, IJ preferences,  LUTs and plugin source code.


LSM 510 with Axioplan 2 (~12Mb)
LSM 510 with Axiovert 200M (~10Mb)
P.A.L.M (1.5Mb).


Axiovision (0.5Mb) ImageJ Manual (7Mb)
This describes the custom ImageJ
installation found at the top of this page
Stereo Investigator (3Mb)
(under development)
AutoDeblur and Imaris
Shockwave manual (6Mb)

Information sheets

The information sheet below is a summary of reports from the Confocal Archives, Histonet archives and Cytometry archives. Hyperlinks to original comments are cited within the text.






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