Wright Cell Imaging Facility




Software Bundles

This collection of plugins has merely been collated and organised by WCIF; they have all have been obtained free from the ImageJ website or elsewhere on the Internet. The credit for this work should go to the authors of the plugins (See the manual's Appendix). Please ensure that they are properly acknowledged in any publication that their work facilitates.

The ImageJ installations below correspond to the WCIF ImageJ manual. The manual is written for this particular installation of ImageJ.

This ImageJ installation has, among other plugins, one that links to an online version of the manual. The online manual is more up-to-date than the PDF version.

Windows users

Download WCIF ImageJ bundle (~23Mb) v1.37a,21 Mar 2006 with J2SE 5.0 U6 (formerly J2SE 1.5).

1. For Windows: uninstall or rename current ImageJ, download file and run program.
2. Adds ImageJ to registry.
(Adds the line:  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\ImageJ.exe\shell\open\command" Value: {"path}\ImageJ.exe" "%1").

3. Automatically sets Memory allocation  when ImageJ is started for the first time thanks to George Silva's modifications of the ImageJ.exe file.


Files can be associated with ImageJ by:
a. Right-click on file;
b. Select pop-up menu item "Open With/Choose Program"
c. Select "ImageJ" from list and check the "Always use this program..." checkbox.

When you double-click on this file type it should automatically use ImageJ as the viewer.

Mac and Linux users

1. Download your OS specific version of ImageJ from the ImageJ website.

2. Download WCIF ImageJ bundle plugins only (~2Mb) and unzip to ImageJ/Plugins folder.

(This contains only the plugins, IJ preferences,  LUTs and plugin source code).
3. For Mac:  The IJPrefs.txt file needs to be moved to the Library/Preferences folder in your home directory..
4. Set memory allocation to 66% system RAM. Menu command: "Image/Edit/Memory" .

Individual Plugins

These are included in the bundle WCIF ImageJ bundle above.


NEW: Intensity Correlation Analysis: Stanley's Intensity Correlation Analysis (see PDF)


Colocalisation_Test: Costes/Fay colocalisation test (see PDF).

Colocalisation_Threshold: Costes' colocalisation quantification (see PDF).
Manders'_Coefficients: Manders' colocalisation coefficients (see Manual).+

Leica_TIFF_sequence: Opens Leica SP2 sequence from the associated TXT file.
Dilutions_ and Concentrations_ macros.